How Does a Washer Dryer Combo Work

Some people will feel confused about how the washer dryer combo works. They will think twice about finding the answer how can the washer and dryer work simultaneously? This question is a natural thing because these two machines usually work independently.

You will be amazed if you see how a washer-dryer works. There are many washer dryer combo products on the market to meet your needs and also make human work easier. All the washing and drying work that you will do will be easier and faster if you use this tool.

You can choose products from many different types. You can also consider choosing a product that uses a different steam cycle or spin cycle system. All types that you choose must be tailored to your needs. Even if you have a tight space, it shouldn’t be a problem.

For a small room size, you can choose one of the most compact and efficient units. Products like this are especially useful for cleaning clothes with a washer-dryer combination, or an all-in-one washer-dryer combination with more efficient drying results. Also, some all-in-one washer-dryer units are made to look completely different with different features.

Washer dryer combo

Washing Machine Dryer Combo is a device that comes with ventilation and without ventilation. The type most widely used in high-level residences such as condos and apartments is the type without ventilation.

But a ventilated product functions as a regular front-loading washer and dryer. This machine has the same washing cycle as the normal washing machine. You only need to put the clothes in water and soap until they are clean. When done, you can rotate it to help remove excess water. Remember, you must avoid the washing process that is excess water to expedite the washing process and save energy.

Meanwhile, the drying cycle works after you finish washing your clothes. The product will take air from the surrounding space and heat it as needed. This hot air is then played with clothes. Once rotated, the air will pick up moisture and produce steam.

After generating steam, this steam will come out of the house through the vent. If the existing steam has been successfully removed, the system will take new air from the surrounding room and try to heat it again if the product is still being used again. And so on, the system will return to work with the same cycle as before.

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The washing and drying cycle will be repeated during use. For a product that comes without ventilation, the product will not need a drain hose. The washer dryer combo machine works using a condensing drying system and works like a normal dehumidifier. In products that come with a ventilation system, wet clothes start from the drum. The part of the condensing chamber made of plastic or metal will be cooled. Meanwhile, the air in the dryer drum is heated.

When the drum rotates, then at that time the hot air inside absorbs moisture from wet clothes. The air which has this humidity level is then circulated through the cooling condensation chamber.

This circulation of air then results in a change of water vapour in the air into liquid water or it can be called condensation. The condensation that has successfully formed will leave the engine unit through the water drainage tube. When it is clean, dry and hot air will be recirculated with the clothes until the process repeats itself as before.

Whoever you are, you can choose a ventilated or non-ventilated unit. If you need a product that offers various program options that best suit your fabric care needs, you can choose a combo washer dryer product with an all-in-one combination unit.

The presence of an all in one combination can help you wash and dry clothes in one process. On products that have an all in one system, you can set the unit for a “dry only” or “wash only” cycle. This cycle arrangement works well to meet your needs who don’t always have to the combo.

Even all-in-one products offer a variety of settings, including delicates, timed drying and extra rinsing. All these amazing features and technologies you can enjoy with just one product. Interesting right?

You can choose an energy-efficient washer dryer combo product to keep your monthly expenses stable. Products that have an energy-efficient label are very important to keep all your needs in their portions. Besides being energy efficient, you also choose products that have an environmentally friendly label. Products labelled as environmentally friendly will help you preserve and reduce the impact of global warming.

After knowing how a combo washer-dryer works, you can decide what type of product you will use. The cycle used in the combo washer dryer is not the same as a whole. If you choose a product with ventilation, of course, you don’t need a drain hose. Whereas products without ventilation make you have to prepare various related needs.