How Much is a New Dryer

Decades ago, millions of people were trying hard to dry their clothes by using a washing machine which is equipped with a dryer. Washing clothes manually can be very tiring, while it is a waste of time waiting for the sun to shine.

The process of washing clothes may not be too complicated while drying clothes is undoubtedly the most challenging task for everyone. It is very fortunate that the invention of drying machines has been very popular during the past years, thanks to its versatility and ability to make a human’s life easier.

The internet has provided lots of information about different kinds of drying machines on the market. Figuring out about how much is a new dryer is what you should know, before buying a new dryer that meets your need and budget.

1.     Gas – Powered Dryer

Any gas-powered dryer is more expensive than an electric-powered dryer. However, both have good durability, particularly the ones from reputable manufacturers. Many buyers ask which one is much better, gas-powered, or the electricity-powered dryer.

As a matter of fact, both have similar washing and drying systems. Buyers should only consider which one that they find the best for their condition, whether they prefer to use gas or electricity for the energy supply.

Some reputable manufacturers provide a ten-year warranty for the gas-powered dryer’s drum and motor, in which the warranty is applicable in addition to the common one year warranty for parts. If you are one of those buyers who ask about how much is a new dryer with gas power, then the cost may reach up to $700 or more.

The most expensive one has included the auto-cycle moisture sensor with drum light. The more expensive the dryer, the better setting of wrinkle-prevent that it provides. Some dryers also have a steam cycle, as well as touch-sensitive controls.

2.     Electric Powered Dryer with A Spinner or A Tumbler

There are certain differences between an electric-powered dryer that uses a spinner or a tumbler. The spinner is utilizing centrifugal force for forcing the water out. Meanwhile, a tumbler uses the heat for drying the clothes.

It is easy to imagine that the spinner washing machine doesn’t consume more electricity, than the tumbler washing machine. Yet, some homeowners may choose a tumbler washing machine, due to its faster result than the spinner washing machine.

The heat produced in the interior of the washing machine can work in such a perfect way to dry out clothes, instead of the centrifugal force drying system. Yet, some homeowners use both of those dryers, in which they spin their laundry first for approximately three to five minutes, before tumbling it in a shorter time than usual.

It dries the laundry fast, and it doesn’t consume too much electricity. When it comes to the question about how much is a new dryer, then buyers need to take into account that the cheapest one is the manual dryer which doesn’t cost more than $100.  

3.     Portable Dryers for Efficient Laundry

For those who live in an apartment, buying a portable dryer is highly recommended. The cost may vary, from $150 to $200. This kind of dryer doesn’t cost too much, whether for the buying price or the electricity bill.

This is the best option for budget-minded people. The best thing about this kind of dryer is its versatility. It is also fine to set it anywhere, whether it is the kitchen, or near the bathroom, as it is usually equipped with a container tray that can be emptied easily.

4.     All-in-one

All-in-one washer dryers have abundant features for making any laundry-related activities much easier for any user. This kind of dryer is the best for very busy people, as it boasts such a high level of practicality, thanks to its non-stop program.

Washing can take an hour, or even less, depending on how the water flows. The best feature of any all-in-one washer dryer is its mixed load system, in which users can wash, as well as dry the laundry automatically. Several manufacturers even provide dryer’s timer, in which they are more expensive than the one with the regulated washing and drying system.

It handles approximately five kilograms of clothes. Yet, be ready to use too much electricity. This kind of washing machine can be very quiet and produce very low noise, depending on the manufacturers. Yet, users should be very careful in using it, as it can be very expensive to repair, whenever one of its function is out-of-function.

In sum, how much a new dryer can cost that may depend on the manufacturers, as only certain manufacturers always deliver innovative washing systems that surpass their competitors? Buying the best dryer from a highly reputable manufacturer is strongly recommended because buyers can reduce the chance of wasting money for the maintenance and repair cost.