How Much Space For A Washer And Dryer

It is much easier for homeowners with an average house measurement to buy any kind of washer and dryer. For sure, mansion owners don’t hesitate to choose any washing machine, even with the biggest measurement and the most sophisticated features.

But, it is somewhat challenging for those who live in an apartment, in which they have to make sure that they choose the right size of the washer and dryer. Chances are, buyers don’t know how much space for a washer and dryer that can fit their dwelling place. So, if you are about to buy a new washing machine, then there are certain significances that you need to take into consideration.

1.     Measure The Height and Width Of The Washer And Dryer

Some homeowners may wonder whether the height of a washing machine is important to notice because they think that they should only measure the width. As a matter of fact, the height of the washing machine should be taken into serious consideration, particularly when the washing machine needs to be taken through a stair.

It can be somewhat challenging. It is also important to make sure that the washer lid is able to be opened in a maximum way, whether it is front-loading, or top-loading. The most common height of a washing machine can reach for up to 42 inches, at the maximum.

The smaller ones may have 34-inch height. For the best alternative, adding pedestals can help owners to load the washing machine anywhere that they want. The width of a common washing machine is only 22 inches at the lowest measurement, and it can be more for big machine capacity.

2.     Have a Stacking Kit

This is the most applicable appliance that suits almost everyone’s budget and needs. These days, it is getting harder to find an ample room size that fits a washing machine, particularly for those who live in apartments. A stacking kit is a lifesaver, in which this accessory can fit between the dryer and the front load washer.

Not only can it saves much space for both dryer and washer, but also ensures both units are safely attached. There is no need to worry about the washer because the weight of any available stacking kit from reputable manufacturers is distributed evenly on the washer’s top.

Quality stacking kits are also available with a very good vibration absorption system, so it won’t damage the washer. Some stacking kits are available with a slide-out tray for keeping things organized.

3.     Setting U-shape For Slipping The Washer and Dryer

It is easier now to find ideas in keeping a washer and a dryer in a very small room, especially in an apartment. Some buyers prepare a U-shape in the kitchen for slipping the washer and the dryer at the same time, by using a stacking kit.

For an ample look, it is best to provide an open space above the washer. The open space can be filled with folded clothes, once after they are dried.Whenever it is impossible to place the washer and a dryer in a kitchen, just find a small space in the backside of the house and add a built-in countertop, for maximizing all the available wall surface. Add a wallpaper for better performance.

The fact is that the measurement of any washer and dryer are available in certain standards only. So, how much space for a washer and a dryer can be adjusted perfectly by homeowners in using a small space by maximizing the walls to place utilities to keep things organized.