How to Clean Gum Out of a Dryer

Often we forget to check what’s in the dryer or clothes when we put clothes into the drying machine. This causes a lot of unnecessary items to enter the dryer, making the dryer dirty like gum. If any chewing gum gets into the dryer, it is very troublesome. You can pay attention to the following explanation of how to get gum out dryer if you want to keep the dryer clean.

1.     Using Natural Oil

clean gum out of dryer using natural oil

The first way you can clean gum from the dryer is to use natural oils. You can spray natural oils on the gum directly. These natural oils can be in the form of PAM, cooking oil to canola oil. When you have applied or sprayed it, you can leave it for a while so that the gum can absorb it.

Once the gum feels softer, you can make it easier to remove. If you have removed it, you can clean the sticky area with an old sock or rag. Even if you still can’t get it out by wiping it, you can apply a little oil and scrape it off with a nylon scraper.

Once you’ve made sure the gum area is clean, you can re-apply the oil to make sure you wipe all the chewing gum. Take a few moments, then wipe off any excess gum with a clean cloth with a cloth.

2.     Using Ice Cubes

ice cubes inside clear glass pitcher

You can also use ice cubes to remove the gum in the dryer. You only need to rub an ice cube on top of the gum. If the ice cubes are too cold for you, you can put the ice cubes in a ziplock bag and rub them on the gum.

But if you are okay with the cold, you can hold an ice cube directly in your hand and then rub it on the surface of the gum until it hardens. If the gum has hardened, you can scrape it with a spatula or a plastic knife.

You only need to apply enough pressure when you scrape it to avoid damage to the surface of the dryer. When you have successfully removed the gum, you only need to wipe the inside of the dryer with vinegar. You can moisten a cloth with water, then add it with white vinegar. If so, rub it on the remaining gum to remove the rest.

3.     Using a hairdryer

clean gum out of dryer using hairdryer

Hairdryers can clean gum from the dryer, you know. You can use a hairdryer about 10 to 15 cm above the gum to make the gum softer. You can blow the warm air released by a hairdryer on the gum.

After that, you can describe whether the gum feels warm and soft. When the gum is softer, you can scrape the gum off with a plastic knife or spatula. Push and gently shake the plastic knife to remove the gum from the dryer. Chewing gum that is soggy from the heat from the hairdryer will be easier to remove and clean so that your dryer is clean again as before.

4.     Using Detergent Paste

clean gum out of dryer using detergent paste

To get the gum out of the dryer, you can mix one tablespoon of powdered detergent in a bowl. Add enough water to make the powder detergent into a paste. If it has formed a thick paste, you can rub it into the gum area. Pour the paste on a clean cloth and then rub it on the gum until it is clean. If there is any remaining paste stuck to the dryer, you can clean it with a clean cloth dampened with water.

You can try some of the methods above to clean your dryer. Just choose one of the explanations of how to get gum out dryer above that suits your condition.