How To Dry A Comforter

When we sleep, the comforter is one of the mandatory items we usually wear. Even some people will feel uncomfortable so that they can’t sleep well without a comforter. Therefore, the comforter is one of the things that may be used every day at night.

Well, because the comforter is used every day, the comforter likely gets dirty easily so you have to clean it. When you have washed it, then you also have to dry it so that it can be used again perfectly. What can you do to dry the comforter? Well, you can pay attention to the following tips on how to dry a comforter.

1.     Prepare the Materials Used

What is meant by material preparation? If you dry the comforter, then that means you will dry an object that weighs more than normal clothes. For that, you need additions to make the drying process more evenly distributed throughout the comforter.

You can use a tennis ball or bottom fluffer ring to evenly distribute the heat while drying. As the drying process occurs, the balls will help keep the filling even and not just folded at one corner. Therefore, you need to prepare a tennis ball when drying the comforter. Remember, the ball you use must be clean so it doesn’t contaminate your comforter.

2.     Put the Blanket in the Dryer

After preparing the pattern to be used, you can store the ball in the comforter that you will dry. If the placement of the balls is neat, then all you have to do is put the wet blanket into the dryer. Adding a ball to the inside of the comfort will help keep the contents evenly distributed. With an even distribution of hot steam, all parts of the comforter can dry out completely. You will avoid the result, some parts are still wet.

3.     Set the Drying Temperature

You can press the button to start drying if you have entered the comforter into the dryer. When starting the drying process, you have to adjust the heat according to the comforter material. If your dryer doesn’t have a special setting for the comforter, then you can choose a setting for low heat.

For a comforter, you can take up to several hours. Why is that? Of course, it all depends on the thickness of the material used. You need enough time to make sure the comforter is completely dry. Remove the comforter from the dryer and stir once every 20-30 minutes during the drying process to help distribute the drying process more evenly.

If you want to kill mites or kill bacteria on the dust that sticks to the comforter, you can choose a higher heat during drying. However, you must consult first if you want to use high heat because it can damage the ball you use with the comforter.

4.     Hang the Comforter

After the drying machine stops running and the drying process you are doing is complete, you can hang the comforter you have so it can dry more completely. If the weather is sunny, you can continue the drying process which is next by placing the comforter in the sun for a few hours.

This will help make sure the blanket is completely dry and will prevent mould from coming in. Even the heat from the sun can help kill the mites. Or if you want to save more energy, you can turn off your dryer and dry the comforter only in the sun without having to use the machine. You can hang the comforter outside and wait for it to dry completely in the hot sun.

However, if the weather is not bright and you are using a dryer, you still have to hang the comforter after the drying process is finished. You can make sure your comforter dries completely just by letting it air out in a well-ventilated room indoors.