How To Wash and Dry A Pillow

A pillow is an object that must be used by everyone while sleeping. Without a pillow, some people will find it difficult to sleep. Pillows that are used every day certainly have a higher level of dirty than pillows that are only used at certain times.

So, so that the pillow you choose is kept hygienic, you have to clean it regularly. How do you keep your pillow clean? Is it just by leaving it in the sun or washing it? Of course, you have to wash it and then leave it in the sun to dry.

Then what if the weather doesn’t allow you to dry your pillow? Are you just going to let the pillow get wet and damp for days? It is not possible to do so because it will increase the growth of bacteria and fungi. To avoid the growth of mould and bacteria on the pillow, you must dry it quickly. However, before drying it, you must wash it first, right?

Washing the Pillows

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Before starting to dry the pillow, of course, you have to wash it clean first. You must be able to clean the pillow according to the material it has. If you have a solid pillow or memory foam that cannot be washed, then you cannot machine wash it.

You can clean it with a vacuum cleaner or just put it in the dryer on the “air only” setting for 15-20 minutes. If there are stains on this type of pillow, you can clean it using a cloth slightly dampened with mild soap and water.

When you have wiped it, then you can rinse it with a damp cloth. You can clean it with a damp towel and let the pillow dry on its own before covering it with a pillowcase or protector. If your pillow has a removable and washable pillow, you can choose to clean it according to the directions on the care label.

You can also choose to wash your solid pillow or memory foam by hand only. Just soak the pillow in warm water mixed with a little mild detergent which will not damage the pillow.

If it has been soaked for a while, then you can squeeze the water carefully through the pillow to clean it. When rinsing, you can use cold water. You can rinse the pillow until the water becomes clear. During the rinsing process, you can also squeeze the pillow gently to remove excess water.

In addition to solid or memory foam pillows, you likely also have a feather or synthetic pillows. However, you should remember that not all feather or synthetic pillows are washable. You need to follow every instruction to clean the pillow you have.

For feather pillows, you can wash them in the front opening washing machine. Do not carry it in the top opening washer with the agitator in the center as this may damage the bottom. If possible, you can wash the two pillows at once to keep the engine in balance during the spin cycle.

If you don’t have two pillows, you can add an extra towel to balance the load. You can set the washing machine to be in extra large load mode when washing the pillow.

You can first fill it with warm water, then add a little low foam detergent and let the water stir for a few minutes to make sure the detergent dissolves and is evenly distributed in the water. You can place the pillow in the washing machine and wash it using the gentle cycle option. Just rinse twice and the pillow is ready to dry. Rinse twice with cold water.

How to dry a pillow

How to dry a pillow

Pillows that come with different materials, of course, have different ways when they are dried. You can dry the pillow with soft foam material into the dryer on low heat. When you dry it, you can prevent the contents of the pillow from clumping up by putting some rubber or wool dryer balls in the dryer.

Every 15-20 minutes, you can turn the pillow over to ensure that it dries evenly and thoroughly and gets maximum softness. If the drying process you are doing in the dryer is complete, you can let it dry for some time to speed up the drying process.

You can also dry the pillow in the sun without the need for a drying product. This method is very easy to do after the pillow is washed, you can put it in the sun and let it dry on its own.

When it’s been a few hours and it looks like it’s drying, you can flip it over to another part to even out the drying process. In hot weather, you will need a day to dry up to 3 days for a pillow. You can even dry it within a week if the weather is not hot.

However, this all depends on the size of the pillow thick and thin. A thin pillow dries quickly, while a large pillow is difficult to dry out. You can dry the pillow by machine or manually in sunlight according to what you want.