How To Use A Dryer

A dryer is a drying machine that functions to speed up the drying process of clothes. The dryer products sold in the market are meant to facilitate human work while saving the time it takes to wear clothes. So, so that you can use a dryer correctly, you can pay attention to the explanation of how to use a dryer below.

1.     Read the Instruction Manual

Maybe many of us think we already know how to use a clothes dryer just by turning the knob and pressing the button. However, to be able to operate a dryer, you must pay attention to the manual instructions provided by each product you buy. This is because each machine may have different features of operation. So you should learn what your dryer can do and know exactly what the terms mean.

2.     Clean the Filter

After you read the manual instructions, what you can do first is clean the filter or lint screen before filling. Cleaning the filter when you fill it with clothes will make the result of your drying cleaner, avoiding stains. Clothes can dry more hygienically.

3.     Select Clothes

Before putting the clothes in the dryer, you have to check each item that you are going to dry. You can check the washed clothes before placing them in the dryer. You must do this because the heat of the dryer will stick to the stain that hasn’t been removed.

4.     Select Dryer Cycle

After you select the clothes and put the clothes in the dryer, you can choose a drying cycle that suits your fabric. You can adjust the drying level which won’t damage your type of clothes. Alternatively, you can choose the regular cycle if most of the load is all cotton fabric.

You can also choose to set to a permanent pressing cycle if the bulk of the load consists of synthetic fabrics. Choosing the right drying cycle will help you avoid wrinkles that may be presented by clothes.

5.     Add fabric softener sheet

Adding fabric softener sheets to the drying process will make each garment you dry softer and smoother. This can be the best choice for those of you who avoid wrinkled and rough clothes after drying. Dry fabrics will usually become rougher due to the hot steam generated by the engine.

6.     Press the Dryer Button

After everything you need has been prepared correctly, you can start pressing the existing dryer button and start the drying process. Wait a few moments for the clothes to dry. So, during the time waiting for this drying process, you can use your time for other things.

7.     Take Clothes After Dry

When the machine has finished doing its job of drying clothes, you can pick up clothes and hang them up. Even though the dryer is drying your clothes quickly, you still need to hang it up first. Why should it hang? Of course, so that the fabric can breathe better.

8.     Consider Some Important Things

When using a dryer, you must pay attention to several important things during using the machine. You can vary the level of heat that will be used depending on the fabric being dried. You should know that not all fabrics have to be heat-dried.

Maybe you think drying by heat is the fastest and best way, but you should know that too high heat can cause shrinkage and damage to clothes so you have to adjust accordingly. You should also shake each section when you remove the clothes from the washing machine. If you have heavy and light clothes dried together, you can choose to dry in separate loads.

If you want to dry your clothes well, you have to know how to use a dryer correctly. Because if you choose the wrong step, you will get a bad result.